Overseas Doctors Looking to Work in New Zealand - Q&A

Posted 9 months ago by Ochre Recruitment


There aren’t many medical recruitment specialists who know as much about the New Zealand job market than Luke Baddington.  Luke helped establish Ochre Recruitment in New Zealand back in early 2009 and remains actively involved in placing doctors into job vacancies. As the New Zealand Team Leader Luke has cultivated a small team of consultants who take great pride in making sure they consistently place the right doctor into the right job. So, who better to talk to about moving to New Zealand for work opportunities than Luke?

Q: Who contacts Ochre Recruitment about medical work opportunities in New Zealand?

LB: Ochre Recruitment deals with a wide range of medical professionals enquiring about work in NZ, from hospital specialists, junior doctors looking for locum roles or GPs interested in either locum doctor jobs or permanent positions. We talk to doctors from around the globe, with lots of interest over the last year or two coming from the United Kingdom, Israel, United States of America and Europe, particularly Scandinavian countries.

Q: Generally speaking, what’s the first thing you talk about with doctors?

LB: In the main, the first thing up for discussion is the doctor’s CV and eligibility to work in New Zealand. It’s important to talk early on about registration pathways and what is required in order to gain New Zealand Medical Council registration. This varies from doctor to doctor, depending on their work experience, country of origin and whether they are looking to work in NZ permanently or temporarily. Ochre consultants are extremely well-versed in helping doctors work through the process of gaining registration.

Q: What do doctors most want to know about working in NZ?

LB: We are asked a lot about the immigration process. Overseas doctors want to know how moving to New Zealand will impact on family life; if their partners can also work, what the schooling is like and what kind of opportunities are available for children, housing, cost of living, that sort of thing. We can talk in depth about the ins and outs of relocating to New Zealand, plus we are able to link doctors with people in specialist agencies and government departments who can help them further. Doctors who are considering a move to NZ should know that education across the board is excellent, there are opportunities for children in areas of sport, the arts and outdoor pursuits, salaries are competitive and with a variety of placements across the country, there is bound to be one that aligns well with their particular requirements.

Q: What are other frequently asked questions?

LB: Usually after we have discussed how moving to NZ will impact loved ones, the conversation shifts to working here; what roles are available, working conditions and salaries, and the advantages of living in various parts of the country. A lot of the time doctors will be aware of Auckland or our larger centres but not so much about opportunities that exist in smaller centres. We can guide doctors to regions that best suit their needs and often we’ll connect them to a local guide or practice manager who can answer their questions directly.

Q: Why should a doctor looking to relocate to New Zealand choose Ochre Recruitment?

LB: Ochre Recruitment has a massive advantage in terms of experience – we know this industry and market inside out. We’ve stood the test of time and over the last ten years we’ve built strong relationships and networks that are integral to our placement success. What’s more we are a full-service agency, closely involved with doctors from start to finish. As well as always being only a phone call away, we offer orientation courses for new doctors to help with their integration. The courses bring in expert speakers and representatives from government agencies such as Work and Income, the Inland Revenue Department and the Ministry of Health. Orientation also provides the chance to meet other medical professionals who are sharing your experience.

Q: How does Ochre Recruitment go the extra mile?

LB: Recruitment is essentially people dealing with people – and we know people well. We’ve experienced all the crazy curve balls, mishaps and misunderstandings that can befall humans and we are now very skilled at problem anticipation and problem solving! We know that your first day at a new workplace can be daunting, so we’ll call and check in on you. We want to make sure that things are going smoothly over your first few months. We always tell our clients we are only ever a phone call away.

Q: If anyone wants to know more about working with Ochre Recruitment what should they do?

LB: There are a couple of options for doctors interested in working medical jobs in New Zealand. We have just updated our website which makes it super easy to find locum medical jobs. It posts job vacancies and can send alerts about the jobs you may be interested in directly. It also has a blog component that regularly posts about healthcare in New Zealand, interesting parts of the country and interviews with doctors who’ve already made the move.

We are always very happy to talk with doctors too – just call me, or one of our recruitment consultants. From within NZ: 0800 4 OCHRE (0800 4 62473) or if you are overseas: +64 4 894 3320