New Year Health Checks for Doctors

Posted 11 months ago by Ochre Recruitment


It may be shrinking quickly in your rear-view mirror, but we hope your summer break was restful and gave you the chance to relax away from the stresses of work. 

We recognise that the business of looking after other people’s health is one that is full of distinct and often reoccurring challenges. Doctors deal with workplace demands that few other professionals encounter; heavy workloads, fear of misdiagnosis, compassion fatigue, presenteeism, emotional exhaustion, lack of collegial support and shift-work strain, just to name some. These demands often lead to high-levels of anxiety and/or depression among health professionals, as well as impacting on their physical health.

And yet, despite caring so well for others, doctors are less likely to care for their own health.

This year we’d really like to change that.

Your health is our #1 priority and we’d love it to be yours too. Start 2018 off on the right foot by booking a health-check.

Doctors know more than most that early detection through screening and GP health checks can drastically reduce the incidence of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and skin cancer.

By having regular health-checks and building a relationship with your own physician, evidence-based preventative healthcare gains can be made. If you work in a GP practice, or even if you are filling one of our locum doctor jobs, show that you value the notion of doctors taking care of their own health by eschewing those ad-hoc ‘corridor consultations’ with busy colleagues. If you are in contact with junior doctors, modelling self-care behaviour can go a long way to lifting the culture and attitudes of a practice by actively demonstrating that self-care is important.

We need to take care of one another.


So please, call your own independent doctor today if you haven’t had a health check up in the past year.

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