Behind the Scenes at Ochre Recruitment - Anna

Posted over 1 year ago by Ochre Recruitment

Ochre Recruitment NZ GP Recruitment Consultant Anna Williams

​They say the deepest rivers flow with the least sound. And, if you were to imagine that rivers were people, then without a doubt New Zealand Ochre Recruitment consultant, Anna Williams would be one of the deep ones. Her quiet demeanour deftly conceals a passionate but focused temperament combined with a fierce intelligence. Folk who don’t have the pleasure of knowing her well would struggle to imagine the wide-ranging endeavours and eclectic interests that course through her life.

Joining the Ochre Recruitment team at the beginning of 2013 in the role of para-recruiter, Anna worked closely with consultant and New Zealand Team Leader, Luke Baddington.  This collaboration allowed her to gain useful insights into the recruitment process, the New Zealand market and the myriad demands of corporate business. Building on her acquired knowledge and ready for new challenges, Anna made the successful shift to recruitment consultant in 2015 and is excited about what she currently views as a time of positive growth for Ochre Recruitment New Zealand.

Born and bred in Wellington, Anna gained a Bachelor of Arts from Victoria University with a double major in Politics and Psychology. These qualifications serve her well in the recruitment arena, strongly bolstered by the skills attained through many years’ experience as a freelance theatre event manager. Self-motivated, Anna works strategically and with empathy and consideration. Given that the New Zealand office is currently a potent team of just three, Anna’s wide-ranging abilities and attributes are highly valued.

Frequently stepping outside her prescribed recruitment consultant role to ensure the office continues to function effectively, Anna is adroit at seeing the bigger picture and has, as she puts it ‘a keen ear for a squeaky wheel’. If something needs attention she’ll already, invariably, be aware of it. A natural team-player, she is just as effective working through her own consultancy demands. Medical recruitment in New Zealand is still a relatively small market and Anna understands both the industry and her clientele well enough to move quickly to meet demand – an approach which has been highly successful for her. Both micro and macro aspects of working for Ochre Recruitment keep Anna adaptable, affirm her efficacy and provide her with the satisfaction of knowing she can make a difference.

Discussion regarding her virtues does not sit so easily with Anna; she would much rather let her actions speak for her. She gently insists that her work is her strongest testimony and that she is only as successful as her last placement. However, when pressed to disclose her strengths, she offers that as a recruitment consultant, hers is a particularly tailored service; an approach she takes quiet pride in. Listening carefully to the specific requirements of her clients is key, as is her ability to retain even the tiniest of details. Her prodigious memory is an asset when matching doctors with placements that ideally suit them, and she is passionate about getting the links between medical professional, location and workplace just right.  Further, understanding that recruitment success can be gained through attention and timing, Anna is lightning quick at picking up and responding to leads, queries and requests. And, she is completely resolute about promises and punctuality. If you are expecting a call from her on the hour, if will always and ever be right on the hour.

Mirroring the period of growth and positive change that Ochre Recruitment New Zealand is currently experiencing, Anna has recently purchased a wooden house in one of Wellington’s seaside suburbs. She spent much of last summer painting and dipping her toes into home DIY. To the house she has added two mischievous, cross-breed puppies and takes them for daily walks along the beach or neighbourhood trails. She teaches yoga for beginners once a week. But, there is much, much more than this to Anna. However, in order to honour the way she moves through the world, it is perhaps best to let her choose the way she reveals her concerns, her depths and her quiet power. If you have the chance to get to know her better, take it. You’ll be swept away.