How are Overseas Doctors Supported in New Zealand

Posted over 2 years ago by Ochre Recruitment

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There has never been a better time than now for overseas GPs, locums and specialists to work in New Zealand.

Living and working ‘Down Under’ comes with many positives; there’s the temperateMan and child viewing beach off New Zealand bluff climate, amazing scenery and the fact that you will never be more than 128kms from the sea.

New Zealanders actively seek to achieve a happy work/life balance, the population is young and growing, there is affordable, good quality education and healthcare, plus it’s an ideal place for families.

Recent political fluctuations in Europe and the UK have seen a significant increase in health professionals enquiring about employment opportunities abroad. Immigration New Zealand reported a marked upswing in interest, particularly in registrations for work visas, after the UK referendum vote to exit the European Union in July.

“We’ve seen an increase in registrations for all occupations which is significant and in some sectors such as health that increase has been about five times higher,” Matt Hoskin from Immigration New Zealand said.

Overseas medical professionals are certainly needed in New Zealand. Openings for GPs, locums as well as urgent care and hospital specialists are currently available.

Of course, relocating to another country can be daunting but no-one understands that better than Ochre Recruitment, who offer practical solutions and on-going support as you adjust to working life in New Zealand.

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Ochre Recruitment consultants have a wealth of experience in supporting medical professionals as they assimilate into new roles, the wider community and life in New Zealand. Able to help initially with Immigration and Visa requirements, consultants are also able to guide and advise on a range of integration issues. Professional, friendly and caring, they will be your first and best point of contact in a new land.

At a practical level, and at no cost to you, Ochre Recruitment provides orientation workshops for overseas doctors who arrive in New Zealand to work permanently or on a long-term basis. These workshops (which include lunch and afternoon tea) incorporate topic expert speakers from organisations such as:

  • The Accident Compensation Commission (ACC) – ACC provide comprehensive, no-fault personal injury cover for New Zealand residents as well as visitors to NZ

  • PHARMAC – The New Zealand government’s Pharmaceutical Management Agency

  • WINZ – Work & Income New Zealand, the agency that provides financial and social support, within the Ministry of Social Development

  • The Inland Revenue (IRD) – to discuss and outline tax requirements, and,

  • A local GP who will talk through the everyday working life of a GP in a New Zealand practice.

Your Ochre Recruitment consultant will also be able to support you in creating new bank accounts, setting up an IRD number, insurance, driving requirements, locating school zones and helping you prepare for your Medical Council interview.

Tram in New ZealandThe Medical Council of New Zealand is the organisation responsible for registering doctors and monitoring standards, competence and conduct. The Medical Council Interview is one of the requirements for gaining registration to practise medicine in New Zealand. Other requirements include providing evidence of qualifications and experience, fulfilling English language requirements and meeting the ‘Fitness for Registration’ criteria. Ochre Recruitment consultants are familiar and practiced in all aspects of Medical Council registration and are able to assist you with these requirements. On average this process, from the time of application submission, takes between 20-30 working days. For more information on this visit

Even after you are registered and working, Ochre Recruitment will still be there for you, happy to provide ongoing assistance and support.

So, now really is the time….don’t you think?

The team at Ochre Recruitment would love to hear from you and can be contacted directly to discuss exciting permanent and locum opportunities within New Zealand.