Tailored Placements: The Advantages of Using Ochre Recruitment Consultants

Posted almost 3 years ago by Ochre Recruitment

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There are a multitude of benefits to using the services of an experienced consultant when planning to move countries for a permanent placement as a doctor, or indeed even for a shorter locum position.

Luke Baddington, team leader for Ochre Recruitment in Wellington, New Zealand, shares his insights on the value of a customised, tailored placement done by consultants such as himself. Luke has over a decade's expertise in medical recruitment and works alongside a team of similarly experienced consultants who have an extensive knowledge of the medical sector.

Over the years, they have developed tried-and-tested strategies for placement research and comprehensive initial interviews with candidates that ensure they end up in a working environment best suited to their skillset and personality – not to mention, they also factor in the needs of the entire family. 

"We helped a doctor from the UK find work in a hospital close to a brewery, since her partner was a beer brewer. Other times, we assist doctors in finding employment near amenities that are important to them, such as within school zones for their children," says Luke.

"It's our tailored approach, and the attention to detail with which we offer tailored services, that has fostered loyalty from our clients. Many doctors recommend our services to their peers, or use us for several different locum placements over time." 

Tailored Placements: The Advantages of Using Ochre Recruitment Consultants

Luke adds that the benefit of such long-term relationships with doctors means they know their personality, preferences and skills for placements that seamlessly align to these. Moreover, a doctor's qualifications are on record, leading to quicker placements. For instance, doctors with a PRIME certificate from St John's or Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Level 7 are better suited to working as a general practitioner in rural regions of New Zealand since the need for emergency work could arise from time to time. These GPs may be the first on scene for car accidents or similar incidents in the area, which is why a consultancy process helps safeguard both the medical professional and the community since the correct credentials are checked thoroughly and placements are an accurate reflection of the doctor's specialisation. 

"By hosting detailed, thorough up-front interviews with doctors interested in a permanent or locum placement, we establish right from the outset who they are, what they are looking for and also their wider family details," says Luke.

"From there, the process is systematic. We assess if the candidate is suitable for registration with the medical council and immigration needs. Only then do we begin the job seeking, and often we help facilitate interviews between the candidate and the hospital or practice before a placement is confirmed."

"It's a tailored service from start to finish, from the initial conversation to landing in the country and starting a new job – an ideal way to take such a significant step and make a life change," concludes Luke. Perhaps one of the greatest perks of using such a tailored service is the warm welcome doctors receive upon arriving in Wellington. Ochre Recruitment hosts an orientation, inviting relevant people in the sector to come greet and speak with the doctors who have recently arrived. The orientation also covers practical help, such as opening a bank account, completing a tax form and other crucial documentation.

Tailored Placements: The Advantages of Using Ochre Recruitment Consultants