3 Glow-in-the-Dark Adventures that Rival Waitomo Caves

Posted almost 3 years ago by Ochre Recruitment

Entrance to sea cave New Zealand

For those looking for medical jobs in New Zealand, the lifestyle and unique wildlife is just as big a draw card as the career opportunities. One of the attractions that Kiwis hold dear is observing the marvellous luminance of the humble glowworm.

The Waitomo Caves are one of New Zealand’s biggest attractions, with its dark and mysterious caverns and world renowned light display put on by the Arachnocampa Luminosa, also known as the New Zealand glowworm.

1. McLaren Falls, Tauranga

While Waitomo is something of a pilgrimage site for those who are new to the country, these glowworms are common across the country. Here are three places that rival Waitomo’s glorious display.

McLaren Falls is located near the Bay of Plenty’s most populous city Tauranga. While Mount Maunganui – with its golden sand and fantastic surf – usually takes all the spotlight, Tauranga has a number of excellent attractions.

Its crowning glory is the spectacular McLaren Falls Park. This popular camping, fishing and kayaking spot is also home to plenty of bush walks that meander through a sea of lush green trees.

One of the highlights for both locals and visitors is the Waterfall Track that pleasantly winds its way towards the picturesque waterfall, the Tauranga council explains. Along the way, visitors can catch a glimpse of the glow worms illuminating the track like miniature LED lights.

The combination of cascading water and the bright glow of the worms should make this a must see if you are working in the Bay of Plenty or are just visiting. But why stop there? Due to its sheer beauty and proximity to other attractions, McLaren Falls is a must-see for any doctors who are new to the country.

2. Te Anau Glowworm Caves, Te Anau Lake

Hidden below the mountains that skirt Lake Te Anau’s shores is a spectacular system of underground caves just waiting for the adventurous at heart. Yet, beyond the roar of the underground waterways, the caves are home to a huge population of glowworms.

Many people who feast their eyes on the twinkling wonder the glowworms often believe that time stands still in these underground halls. However, the caves are a hub of natural activity, and at the ripe young age of around 12,000 years, the cave itself is continuously expanding.

While the North Island is filled with beautiful natural attractions for those in New Zealand-based locum GP jobs, this South Island attraction is up there with the best.

group of kayakers at Te Anau lake

3. Lake Rotoiti, Rotorua

Snuggly nestled next to the Lake Rotorua, the town and namesake is a hub of tourist attractions. Other than the majestic volcanic scenery, which includes 16 beautiful lakes, a plethora of lush green native flora and an abundance of birds and beasts, Rotorua is renowned as a geothermal paradise.

Located in a volcanic region, the area is geologically fascinating, with its simmering hot pools, steaming craters and explosive geysers. But the evidence of the awe-inspiring power of nature is not isolated to the hot pools and the unique sulphuric smell that lingers in the air.

Below the earth, there are several incredible caves that are home to a huge population of glowworms. Due to their isolated location, seekers will need to hop on a kayak and make the journey to the tranquil waters of Lake Rotoiti.

While the accessibility will force you to take alternative means of transport, the remote location also ensures that you will be one of only a handful to experience the glowworms at anyone time.

While the Waitomo caves serve as the standard for experiencing glowworms, these alternatives can give even the most seasoned expat an exciting adventure. If you would like to know more about the types of roles that can take you to New Zealand, talk to Ochre Recruitment today.