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Overseas Doctors Looking to Work in New Zealand - Q&A

There aren’t many medical recruitment specialists who know as much about the New Zealand job market than Luke Baddington. Luke helped establish Och...

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Flu Season 2018

When politicians declare they are going to ‘roll up their sleeves’ there’s normally not too much to see. However, when the Minister of Health, Dr. ...

locum doctor jobs

The current state of mental healthcare in New Zealand

Mental distress and illness is a serious public health issue in New Zealand. According to the Ministry of Health, nearly 47% of New Zealanders will...

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Guide to Locum Jobs in New Zealand

What is locum work? For doctors working in New Zealand, undertaking locum medical jobs can have many personal and professional benefits and advanta...

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Shortage of Rural Medicine Professionals in New Zealand

The biggest single issue facing remote hospitals and rural GP practices in New Zealand is the shortage of medical professionals, and this has been ...

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Highlight on New Zealand Sports

When you overhear the word ‘rugby’ in New Zealand, and let’s face it, that’ll only be a matter of time, you should know that the speaker is referri...

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Medicinal Marijuana in New Zealand

Worldwide, cannabis is the third most commonly-used substance after alcohol and tobacco. Aside from recreational use, chronic pain management is of...

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New Year Health Checks for Doctors

It may be shrinking quickly in your rear-view mirror, but we hope your summer break was restful and gave you the chance to relax away from the stre...


Telehealth in New Zealand

​In a rapidly-changing world, advances in health technology are steadily being incorporated into the practice of medicine. Patient care, hospital t...

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The New Zealand Kiwi

It’s a fact well-known that most countries have a national animal. America has the bald-eagle, Belgium has the lion, China has a giant panda and In...